Saturday, June 30, 2012

Have a Green 4th of July

The fourth of July is less than a week away, so it's time to start planning.  From barbecues, to fireworks, to getting to your celebration destination, this holiday can have a big impact on the environment. 

This 4th of July, show your dedication to the environment while celebrating the birth of our country by following the quick tips below.

1) Have a sustainable barbecue.   Ditch the conventional paper plates and plastic utensils for compostable or reusable items.  Look for vegetarian recipes.  Use propane for grilling, as it’s more efficient and uses less CO2.  If charcoal grilling is the only option, look for environmentally friendly charcoal.  Shop for local and organic foods.

2) Look for greener fireworks.  If it’s your tradition to set off fireworks, look for fireworks rich in nitrogen, says  They can be more pricey, but release less smoke into the environment.  Or, you can always choose to watch a public fireworks display and save some money as well. 

3) Ecofriendly decorations.  Instead of buying plastic, one-use tablecloths, use old tablecloths and decorate them with patriotic designs.  Provide a fun activity for kids and have them decorate an old sheet to use as a 4th of July banner.  Look for solar lights to brighten the outdoors than can also be used all summer long.  Also, rather than throw away your decorations keep them for the following year and save time and money. 

4) Sustainable transportation.  Choose a local 4th of July celebration and avoid traffic and car emissions and walk or bike to your destination.  Or, if the celebration is further away, look for a bus route or carpool.  To motivate the kids, have them look for red, white and blue crafts around the house to decorate their bikes and wagons and have a 4th of July parade on the way there. 

5) Avoid food waste.  If you’re hosting a party, invite guests to bring their reusable containers and take food home.  Or, bring the leftovers to work and share with your coworkers.  

Happy 4th of July from EcoGreenOffice!  

Have a light eco-footprint this 4th of July and walk or bike to the local public fireworks display.  You'll avoid transportation emissions and the emissions that come with setting off your own fireworks.     




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Happy Independence Day America

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